The Computational Sciences Group as a part of the Visual Computing Center is located on the second floor of KAUST's Building One.


​​​​Scientific Core Members

Prof. Dr. Dominik L. Michels, M.Sc.

CSG Head and Faculty · Computer Science and Mathematics

Stanford Research Faculty Computer Science · Max Planck Alumnus · Postdoc Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech · Ph.D. Mathematics and Natural Sciences at University of Bonn · Visiting Scholar at Harvard, JINR, and MIT · M.Sc. Computer Science at University of Bonn and B-IT · B.Sc. Computer Science and Physics at University of Bonn · AFCEA Academic Award Recipient · Johannes Kepler Scholar · German National Merit Foundation Scholar

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Dr. Dmitry A. Lyakhov, M.Sc.

CSG Postdoctoral Researcher · Computational Mathematics

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alumnus · Postdoc Joint Institute for Nuclear Research · Lecturer Belarusian State University · Ph.D. Mathematics at Belarusian State University · M.Sc. Theoretical and Mathematical Physics at Belarusian State University

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Torsten Hädrich, M.Sc.

CSG Doctoral Fellow · Computer Science

M.Sc. Information Engineering at University of Konstanz · R&D Developer at IBM · B.Sc. Media Informatics at Stuttgart Media University

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Libo Huang, M.Sc.

CSG Doctoral Fellow · Mathematics

M.Sc. Geophysics at KAUST · B.Sc. Geophysics at Peking University · Liu Guang Ding Scholar · Li Yan Hong Scholar


Han Shao, M.Sc.

CSG Doctoral Fellow · Mathematics

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering at KAUST · B.Sc. Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at University of Science and Technology of China · Hezhi Scholar · National Scholar


Wenting Wu, BBA

CSG Graduate Student · Computer Science

BBA Information Management (Computer Science and Information Engineering) at Zhejiang Gongshang University


Current Visiting Researchers

  • Jonathan Klein, M.Sc.

    CSG Visiting Doctoral Fellow

  • Leonie L. Neuhäuser, B.Sc.

    CSG Visiting Graduate Student

  • Marcel Padilla, B.Sc.

    CSG Visiting Graduate Student

  • Jan Scheffczyk, B.Sc.

    CSG Visiting Graduate Student

  • Dr. Rebeka R. Zsoldos, M.Sc.

    CSG Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow



  • Vincent M. Casser, B.Sc.

    Now at Harvard University (Graduate Studies)

  • Markus Daugs, M.Sc.

    Now at SCISYS (Senior Engineer)

  • Larissa H. Laich, B.Sc.

    Now at ETH Zürich (Graduate Studies)

  • Dr. Franziska Lissel, M.Sc.

    Now at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research (Junior Faculty)